Sedation Dentistry for Children

A pediatric dentist’s biggest goal is to help your child feel comfortable during treatment. However, it’s also vital that the treatment be thorough. Unfortunately, there will be certain situations where a child cannot complete their dental care needs under routine dental settings. Circumstances include dental phobia or anxiety, medically-compromised or -challenged children—or the child can simply be too young to cooperate for extensive restoration (for example: an infant with bottle-induced cavities). It’s for these situations that sedation is used to complete treatment effectively.

Our staff has specific training and qualifications to ensure that the sedation is monitored and safe for your child. Our staff seeks to create a positive, relaxed environment for your child, helping to form a positive impression of the dentist’s office for years to come.

Types of Sedation We Offer

Our practice offers two levels of sedation, depending on the needs of your child, the severity of their anxiety, and the complexity of their treatment.

Conscious Sedation – Conscious sedation can be oral (pills of liquid), inhalation (typically nitrous oxide/“laughing gas”) or nasal spray. It produces a state of relaxation, the depth of which is dependent on the type of sedation used.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation – Nitrous oxide sedation is sufficient in most cases. Also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide sedation is commonly used to make treatment more comfortable. The nitrous oxide is inhaled through a mask and produces a state of relaxation. Local anesthetic will be administered in conjunction with nitrous oxide to eliminate pain. Nitrous oxide is designed to make procedures easier for nervous patients and has been effective for many years.

If the medications that are safe to use in the office setting are not enough for your child, general anesthesia is available as an outpatient at the hospital.

Call our practice today to schedule your child’s first appointment, and to learn more about how our sedation options can create an easier dental office experience for you and yours.