Your Child’s First Visit

You have many milestones to look forward to in your child’s life, but an important one will be their very first trip to the dentist. Somewhere around their first birthday, you’ll want to schedule a visit with Dr. Jayni to make sure your child’s smile gets off to the very best start.

Little girl getting dental exam

Creating A Positive Experience

Do you remember your very first dental appointment? Chances are, you were a little nervous about that new experience, and perhaps your child is too. There are a few things that you can do to reassure your child and help make his or her first experience a great one:


  • Role Play – Children love to pretend. Playing make-believe “dentist and patient” is a great way to prepare your child for a fun visit.
  • Anticipate – Help your child look forward to their first visit by mentioning the fun things they’ll enjoy, like Dr. Jayni “counting teeth”, how they’ll get to show off their shiny smile, and their great toothbrushing skills. You can even help your child pick out a special outfit for the big day.
  • Share – Tell your child about your own fun experiences and read books about going to the dentist.


  • Be Late – Feeling rushed and frazzled can make your child more nervous than normal.
  • Share – If you’ve had a bad dental experience, don’t mention it to your child.
  • Introduce Concerns – Using phrases like “it won’t hurt” or “there’s nothing to be scared of” may come with the best of intentions, but it introduces the idea that it might hurt and it might be scary. Just focus on the positive, fun experience your child will have.

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At Athens Pediatric Dentistry, we love kids – and our patients love us, too! We look forward to seeing your child’s smile and showing them just how fun a visit to the dentist can be. Call our Watkinsville office today to schedule your son or daughter’s first appointment.